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Spring 2018 Dinner Theatre

A Mother, a Daughter, and a Gun

by Barra Grant

Jess is having a bad day. She's discovered she's pregnant, that her husband is cheating on her, and has bought a gun to kill him. She's interrupted by her mother, Beatrice, who arrives to help with a party Jess has forgotten she's having, to which she's invited a handful of strangers. Events unfurl at a furious pace as the party guests take over, Beatrice almost murders Jess' dad, and Jess' husband finally returns to the mayhem. The end of the play is surprisingly poignant and will profoundly effect everyone who's ever had a mother.

Performance dates:
April 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 2018

Character descriptions are below.


Jess (30-40) Sarcastic, straight-forward, a tad socially awkward. Doesn't value herself as much as she should.
Beatrice (55-70) Jess' mother. Social butterfly, queen of the guilt trip, can't help but meddle in her daughter's life.
Alvin (60-70) Jess' father. Kind, charming, tries his best to be patient with his wife, loves his daughter immensely.
David (30-40) Jess' husband. A bit of a pushover and damp rag. Has an affair with his secretary.

Party Guests:
Fran (Age can vary) Eleanor's girlriend, Jewish, met Jess at the gym. Very upbeat and perky.
Elenor (Age can vary) Fran's girlfriend, converted to Judaism or Fran, met Jess at the gym. Has Tourette's.
Cheryl (25-35) Paul's date. Paul made her get a job at Barnes & Noble, but she just wants to get high and sell cosmetics.
Juan (25-35) Hispanic, works in a deli. Very suave and charming, loves to dance.
Bob (40-50) Goes to the same psychiatrist as Jess. Believes if he can just manage to cry, he will "get better."
Stefan (Age can vary) Russian, met Jess at the dry cleaners. Goes with the flow, loves Miller Highlife.
Paul (30-40) Used to tutor Jess back in the day, was her first love. High intelligence, and rather stuck-up.


Director - Christine Zdebski
Technical Director - Erin Chaffee
Producer - Justin Martin
Publicity - Angela Taylor