Past Shows

Spring 2014 Dinner Theatre

The Foreigner

The Foreigner
by Larry Shue

The Foreigner is only the third show that the Village Players have repeated. It was first presented in March of 1997 in the Somers Elementary School auditorium. It is a very funny play, with delightful characters, so the group decided it was worth doing again. The theme and the humor are still very current for today’s world.

Set in a remote southern lodge, the play introduces us to a variety of colorful locals and guests. We soon discover that not everyone has the best interests of the good-hearted lodge owner in mind. Discovering the devious plan and thwarting it is part of the hilarious fun.

Performance dates: March 28, 29, April 4, 5, 11, 12

Joanna’s Banquet Facilities
145 Main Street, Somersville CT


Betty Weeks - Regina Erpenbeck
Catherine Simms - Christine Zdebski
Froggy Lesueur - Ryan Bird
Charlie Baker - Joseph Van Allen
Rev. David Lee - Wesley Olds
Owen Musser - Edwin Lewis
Ellard Simms - Alex Carrasco
Townspeople - Stephanie Zdebski


Director - Dorrie Mitchell
Producer - Kathy Welch
Stage Manager - Sue Moak
Publicity - Dee Moak, Diane Preble, Kathy Welch, Betty Domer
Box Office - Betty Domer
Lights / Sound - Erin Chaffee
Programs - Shirley Warner
Costumes - Linda Preston, Edna Smith
Props - Wendy Peterson
Set Construction - Franc Aguas, Justin Martin
Set Decor - Franc Aguas, Cheryl Zdebski, Shirley Warner, Dawn Bird