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Fall 2014 Dinner Theatre

I'm Connecticut Mailer

I'm Connecticut

by Mike Reiss

A brand new play from one of the writers of The Simpsons, I’m Connecticut is a wacky, fast-paced, sweet romantic comedy about Marc, a Connecticut native who struggles with relationships and feelings of inadequacy – why?  Because he comes from Connecticut – land of steady habits, sanity and politeness. A must-see comedy for anybody from the Nutmeg State.

From the author:

“I’m Connecticut” is a romantic comedy in the tradition of “Annie Hall”: it’s a love story with a lots of humor, where virtually anything can happen. There are flashbacks, musical numbers, and fantasy sequences. The narrator addresses the audience and seems to realize he’s in a play. Mark Twain makes a guest appearance. So does the state of West Virginia.

"I’m Connecticut" is the story of a young man from Simsbury, now living in New York City who's having no luck in the dating world. He begins to think his problem is that he's the embodiment of Connecticut itself: he's pleasant and perfectly nice, but there's nothing special about him. He lacks the color of his friend from Boston and the brashness of a colleague from New York.

You'll learn a lot about Connecticut while watching the show. For example, it's called the Nutmeg State even though nutmeg neither grew nor sold here. And Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is a 600-page book with exactly one sentence about Connecticut in it!

There's a lot of jokes about Connecticut in my play, but ultimately it's a love letter to the state I grew up in.

Performance dates: September 26, 27, October 3, 4, 10, 11

Joanna’s Banquet Facilities
145 Main Street, Somersville CT


Marc - Joe Van Allen
Diane - Jennifer Rawlings
Grampa - Doug Stoyer
Polly - Cheryl Zdebski
Kyle - Heath Verrill
Manager - Justin Martin
Mark Twain - John Lepore
Ensemble - Ryan Bird, Pat Covino, Dorrie Mitchell, Gus Rousseau, Angela Taylor, Stephanie Zdebski


Director - David Crowell
Stage Manager - Regina Erpenbeck
Producer - Gus Rousseau
Special Assistant - Shirley Warner
Technical Director - Justin Martin
Lights & Sound - Abigail Golec
Publicity - Sherry Samborski, Betty Domer
Box Office - Betty Domer
Programs - Shirley Warner
Props - Franc Aguas
Set Construction - Justin Martin
Set Decor - Shirley Warner